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Hey friends! We are Andrea & Casandra, licensed mental health counselors, retired agency clinicians, and the owners of Peace Project Mental Health Counseling.  Outside of therapy and community events, you can find us advocating and empowering  mental health clinicians. We are passionate about helping YOU identify your private practice goals while working together to develop an action plan specific to your own vision!



We strive to empower clinicians to follow their dreams of private practice and find a work structure that alights with both their life vision and personal values. We believe that your work environment should be one you feel seen, heard, and valued in while providing services that bring you joy. 

Private Practice Consultations-Mental Health Presentations-Community Events-Collaborations-Psychoeducation-School/Agency Inservice-Mental Health-Based Yoga Classes

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Private Practice Consultations

Looking to process through your current work situation vs.
your ideal private practice?
Interested in private practice but lacking the tangible
tools to get started?
Imposter syndrome kicking in and telling you that
you're not competent enough?
Wondering if it's actually worth all the hype?

Taking this leap can be terrifying and exciting all at once.
We feel you.
We've been there.
We're here to help.

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Coffee & Chat: $50 for 45 minutes

Deep dive into getting started: $250 for 90 minutes


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