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Hey friends! We are Andrea & Casandra, licensed mental health counselors, business mentors, and the owners of Peace Project Mental Health Counseling. We strive to empower clinicians to follow their dreams of private practice and find a work structure that aligns with their goals and personal values. We embrace the fact that therapists are human first. We lean into community and believe that together, we can all bring groundbreaking mental health supports to the world! 

Therapist Community- Therapist Exclusive Book Club-Private Practice Coaching-Mental Health Presentations-Community Events-Collaborations-Psychoeducation-School/Agency Inservice-Mental Health-Based Yoga Classes

Guide to Private Practice

Ready to jump into private practice and have no idea where to start? In this brief, virtual guide you will explore key elements for aligning your practice with your own personal values with essential prompts for self-reflection. Click on the link below and select the Guide for Private Practice tab to get started! 

Therapist Exclusive Book Club 

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When: Wednesdays 12PM EST
Where: Virtual

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Private Practice Coaching

Looking to process through your current work situation vs.
your ideal private practice?
Interested in private practice but lacking the tangible
tools to get started?
Imposter syndrome kicking in and telling you that
you're not competent enough?
Wondering if it's actually worth all the hype?

Taking this leap can be terrifying and exciting all at once.
We feel you.
We've been there.
We're here to help.

Sign up for a virtual session with us today!


$250 for a 90-minute session


Charelene  "I came across @yourhumantherapists some time last year. Both of these ladies are amazing. I did a consultation and felt so supported. Being a therapist and taking the leap to start private practice can be scary. They helped me through my own thoughts. I definitely will always thank them for the push. They also checked in on me after to see how I was doing. They are supportive and I would highly recommend them!"

We'd love to hear from you!

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